TheFindsPaper No. 1 lonelyfingers publication regarding Konversationsstücke exhibtion at Museum Abteiberg

A seemingly banal thing by Patrizia Dander

Have you ever found yourself in someone else’s apartment, looking at a shelf full of fascinatingly strange objects? Or else, wondered about a seemingly banal thing, which through the owner’s account of its provenance unfolded its attraction? It’s this kind of experience I thought of, when seeing the first lonelyfingers’ collection: a selection of things shared in public by a group of artists upon invitation by Anne Pöhlmann and Diango Hernández.
Are we thus looking at artworks? I don’t believe so, even though these objects might have stood at the beginning of a process that eventually led to one. I’d rather think of the items in other terms: as material carriers of memories. In my eyes what we have in front of us are thoughts and ideas attached to objects. In a delicate manner we are carried to the point before the representational ‘duty’ of an artwork, to the beginning of thinking, which is highly personal and idiosyncratic.
It’s the idea of generosity and exchange that lies at the heart of this project. The lonelyfingers collections offer Konversationsstücke: things (familiar or not) to be explored that allow reflection upon their status and the general role of objects in our culture. In this sense the selected items are conceptual and material at the same time. But how do we value a thought, how do we value a memory? It’s hardly possible and therefore consistent that all the items in this collection – or stories, as the initiators of the project call them – are treated in an identical manner.
Now, what do we do with all this? My advice: Just start to flip through this newspaper and sure enough you will encounter things that capture your attention, make you wonder where they come from and for what reason they might have entered the collection. In other words, things that you would want to fill with your own imagination, as Fluxus artist Arthur Köpcke always asked of the viewer.
What’s the nice thing about lonelyfingers? It’ll continue to spark our curiosity with an ongoing series of collections. We’re looking at a story that has just started.


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This 72 pages newspaper is printed in the occasion of lonelyfingers exhibition at the Museum Abteiberg.
Daniel Barroca, Jay Batlle, Jarosław Fliciński, Jessica Gispert, Manuel Graf, Owen Gump, Diango Hernández, Rita McBride, Anne Pöhlmann, Glen Rubsamen, Tom Sloan, Monika Stricker
Further Contributions by
Patrizia Dander, Yilmaz Dziewior, Nuno Faria, Jade Niklai, Susanne Titz, Lilian Haberer, Hans-Jürgen Hafner, Eva Schmidt
Joana Neves / Jade niklai / Stephanie Regenbrecht / Anka Reichel / Lucinda Rennison / Susanne Titz
Anne Pöhlmann
András Káré (for Tom Sloan Finds)
Published and Distributed by
Museum Abteiberg
41061 Mönchengladbach