CALL FOR S E E D S Open letter to the artists of the world

Dear Artists

We are writing you as lonelyfingers in regard to Something Stronger Than Me*. A project initiated by artists Rita McBride and Willem Oorebeek and WIELS curator Devrim Bayar. Something Stronger Than Me* involves more than 20 artists including Extension, Fake Calligraphy, Melissa Gordon, Tonio Kröner, Ghislaine Leung, lonelyfingers, Lucia Nimcova, NUANS, Christophe de Rohan Chabot, Lázara Rosell Albear, Jannis Schroeder, Sparta, Axelle Stiefel, Monika Stricker, Suse Weber and many other guests to be announced.

Inhabiting the second floor of WIELS simultaneously with a newly commissioned installation titled Guide Rails (2017) by Rita McBride as part of the exhibition Explorer, the artists in Something Stronger Than Me* present diverse contributions ranging from videos to workshops, sculptures to radio platforms, performances to migrating materials.

Our contribution to Something Stronger Than Me* consists in an open invitation to artists from all over the world. Our project called SEEDS is again a project of generosity in which the artist active participation and engagement is essential. We invite artists to send via post or to deliver directly to WIELS plants seeds. These seeds will be planted by WIELS curators and will be displayed in the second floor of WIELS exhibition space within the context of the project Something Stronger Than Me*. The planter pots and ceramic containers will be generously provided by Belgium artists. The plants hopefully will grow and will be naturally sharing the space together with other artists interventions and projects. Each plant will be named after the name of the artist that have sent or delivered the seeds.

We would love to have you on this project, we are inviting you to submit your plant seeds to Wiels, it will be great to see your plants growing in Wiels. Of course, you will be correctly and equally credited. In case you would like the idea please follow the guidelines written at the bottom of this letter or get in contact with Eloi Boucher ( he will help you in case you need more information. Unfortunately, time is again against us, we will need seeds ASAP, we are starting with the planting by the end of next week.



-Wrap in a plastic foil up to 5 seeds of the chosen plant and put them in a regular letter envelope
-Include a short note with the plant’s name and your full name
-Write on the envelope the following letters SSTM
-Send it / deliver it to WIELS, Contemporary Art Centre. Avenue Van Volxemlaan 354. 1190-Brussels, Belgium


cover image: Glen Rubsamen, 2012. ‘Magic Beans’

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