Otelo M. Fabião A new lonelyfingers member

We are very excited to announce a new lonelyfingers artist – Portuguese and London based Otelo M. Fabião. “The basis for Otelo Fabião´s research is drawing, always taken as a point of departure, frequently as a point of arrival. Drawing as a broadened platform of interaction with the world, of self knowledge and acquisition of skills…” Nuno Faria . Excerpt from A Linha Curva for Arquipélago

I started to engage with the concept of photographic documentation, as if collecting objets-trouvés captured as photographs to build spectral memory and urban recognition, involving not solely myself as quasi-performer but other people, agglomerating them into the work, and rediscovering the creative potential of walking, a theme recurring from previous projects focused on ideas of paralysis, trajectories and closed circuits. Otelo M. Fabião