• photo: Anne Pöhlmann

Light & Mistakes A lonelyfingers Finds collection by Diango Hernández

With this group of studies from Diango Hernández’s atelier we would like to set the tone for lonelyfingers upcoming presentations. After launching few weeks ago ‘The Milk Can Escape’ and recently ‘The Pussy Riot’ collection we feel in the mood for tuning. With ‘Light and Mistakes’ we dive deeper into those magic and almost forbidden places where artists create. From now on we start sharing with you more intimate views of the artist’s creative process, something that for sure you’ll love as much as we do.

Diango Hernández unfolds today his most recent preoccupations about form and displacement and insist on topics such as light and mistakes. Hernández often sees mistakes as a moment of reflection and it is from those moments where his artistic thinking begins. ‘Light and Mistakes’ invite us to do it wrong in order to thinking it right. Our tip for this collection: Have fun but don’t miss the way back home tonight.