Dr. Timotheus Vermeulen It’s with great pleasure and excitement that we announce a new lonelyfingers member

Dr. Timotheus Vermeulen is assistant professor in Cultural Theory at the Radboud University Nijmegen, where he also directs the Centre for New Aesthetics. He is co-founding editor of the leading academic arts and culture webzine Notes on Metamodernism and contributing editor to Feedback Blog, a new critical theory startup by Open Humanities Press. He has written on contemporary aesthetics, art, film and television for amongst others The Journal of Aesthetics and Culture, Screen, Monu, Frieze, and various collections and catalogues. He currently lives in Düsseldorf, Germany.

“What people call art, or have come to call art since Romanticism, is often a practice that develops such a new form. Jacques Rancière praised Gustave Flaubert’s ability to turn literature from a hierarchical medium into a more egalitarian discipline, where not only king and pauper are equal, but also plot and detail, foreground and background. Similarly, Gilles Deleuze admired the way Francis Bacon developed painting from representation into potentialization. Often such developments show what the medium is capable of and signal its limitations. Surely Flaubert’s strategies would be better suited to photography, just as Bacon’s operations appear to presuppose the medium of film. So here the function of ‘art’ is simultaneously to deconstruct the existing rules of narration and to devise alternative, as-yet-unimaginable models.”*


*Timotheus Vermeulen. excerpt from “Future Fictions” first published in Frieze Issue 156, June-August 2013

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