Instruments of quasi-null consequence Otelo M. Fabião presented by lonelyfingers at Clages, Cologne 08.03. - 29.03.2014 Opening 07.03.2014 at 7pm

Please join us at the opening of a new lonelyfingers project. Instruments of quasi-null consequence is Otelo M. Fabião’s first gallery presentation in Germany. The London based and Portuguese born artist will show a selection of new works including objects and drawings. As a result of Otelo M. Fabião’s collaboration with lonelyfingers we will publish 36 comments on finds, an extensive conversation between Otelo M. Fabião, Nuno Faria, James G. Campbell, Diango Hernández, Laetitia Laguzet, Anne Pöhlmann and Timotheus Vermeulen.

“In the process of discovering connections between found objects, Otelo combines fragments of different materials from different sources – animal, vegetable and mineral – before concealing them with rubber, leather or textile. Such can seem almost like the medieval practice of enshrining relics but rather, in Otelo’s own words, it is the creation of “time-capsules”, with their contents placed beyond touch – only to be guessed at. These Instruments of quasi-null consequence can certainly seem frightening, although some to me are lyrical in appearance. The unknown (disguised) nature of their contents is disturbing – if less immediately so to one who has witnessed parts of the process: the search, the recovery, the accumulation, the selection and the interventions, until (although never finished) an end is reached. This end can be sensed, however, when Otelo has invested each work with its own particular energy – a process that can involve diverse forms of treatment and/or ceremony.”
James Graham-Campbell

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image: Otelo M. Fabião 2014
From the series: Ground negatives and gravity pull experiments IV. (Two feet and a heart is shaped)
Soil from Chauzanaud, Northen Ireland clay, smashed shells, smashed rock crystal, smashed crystal quartz, cement mortar, powdered plaster, water from the river L´Isle, own blood, cardboard forms, masking tape, smoked over a period of days