Dead Inside A group sculpture exhibition with Jay Batlle curated by Max Wolf and Meghan Carleton

23 July – 31 August 2013
Bleecker Street Arts Club
305 Bleecker St.
NY NY 10014 – US

Artists include: Amanny Ahmad, Jay Batlle, Jerry Blackman, John Chamberlain, Tom Forkin, Kayla Gibbons, Al Hansen, Paul McCarthy, Krisha Murari, Adeline de Monseignat, Tal R, Sterling Ruby, Shelter Serra, Agathe Snow, Odessa Straub, John Szlasa, May Wilson, and Nick Van Woert.

Dead Inside: a form stripped of function, an element void of utility, a shell with no working engine. This exhibition explores the diverse landscape of sculpture today and the dialogue between emerging artists and their mid-career and established predecessors. The achievements and innovations of those who came before have laid the foundation for artists today to explore the multifarious aspects of the medium. Dead Inside illuminates how the ever-present influences of established artists have informed a new generation of sculptors.

A certain harmony in process and manner of appropriation exists between several of these artists as they manipulate both organic materials and elements of man-made culture. The conceptual works in Dead Inside share an emphasis on process and an underlying unpredictability, employing whimsical if not arbitrary materials as their backbone. A perpetual tension between the organic and the synthetic permeates these constructions.

The figurative works in Dead Inside advocate a conceptual approach to the body. Traditional figural tropes are reimagined, discarded, and satirized. Themes of birth, death, abuse, fertility, and sexuality preoccupy these artists who seek their solutions through radically alienated anatomies, sarcastic pop culture iconography, and a totalizing focus on nature’s embryonic forms.

Dead Inside uncovers a refusal, perhaps subconscious, of the technological determinism dominating the contemporary visual landscape. Bombarded with information, these artists share the pursuit of a higher aesthetic–a return to the elemental.

Max Wolf and Meghan Carleton have curated various group exhibitions, under the collective MISC., showing the work of artists such as Keith Haring, Judy Chicago, Peter Saul, Eddie Martinez, Andy Warhol, Peter Alexander and many notable emerging artists.


source: Bleecker Street Arts Club