Lonelyfingers is an online platform created in 2012 by visual artists Diango Hernández and Anne Pöhlmann. Lonelyfingers interest focuses on the objects and documents that accompany and inspire artists while developing an artwork. All the objects presented within lonelyfingers are called Finds* and we see them as stories rather than as objects. For us the story that lies behind each artwork has a remarkable value, amplifying these unknown stories is what we love to do.
Lonelyfingers do not represent any of the artists listed in this website furthermore, we do not sell artworks within this website, nor we sell artists’ multiples or artists’ editions. Lonelyfingers do not operate as a gallery neither as an art dealer. All artists listed in this website are collaborating directly with us.
We started in 2012 with the immense support of: Rogelio Hernández, Daniel Barroca, Jay Batlle, Jarosław Fliciński, Manuel Graf, Owen Gump, Rita McBride, Glen Rubsamen, Tom Sloan and Monika Stricker.

(…) The collective’s name suggests that the making of art is an isolating and individualistic experience (‘lonely-’), requiring diligence and fastidiousness (‘–fingers’). It therefore seems suitable that an artist-led exhibition does not take a conventional curatorial approach (e.g. a theme, medium or epoch), but focuses on a state of being, which is usually not open to public viewership and discussion. (…) Lost, Lonely and Found by Jade Niklai for TheFindsPaper#1

*Finds: Found objects, documents or any kind of found material used directly or indirectly in the process of creating an artwork.
Thanks to: Rogelio Hernández, Tom Sloan, Jade Niklai, Susanne Titz, Yilmaz Dziewior, Michael Wiesehöfer, Carolyn Alexander, Patrizia Dander, Marietta Clages, Robert Danch, Markus Frehrking, Dirk Hartmann, Nuno Faria, Nina Canell, Robin Watkins, Erika Hock, Andi Toma, Daniela Steinfeld, Linn Lhün.