LONELYFINGERS. disconnected thinking in contemporary art

The project lonelyfingers is a crystalline paradox, a mirror of water. It has utopia’s strength and innocence. It’s a project of love, that weaves relations in time and space and which carries forward an objective and important question to the present: what’s the use of an object in times of indigence?* Yes, what’s the use of a material trace? Of ruins? The ruins of Ancient Greece, the great Greece? Hand in hand, neck on neck. Two human beings, two swans. Two perfect lines, the perfect number. Nuno Faria “Water is a wet flame. Novalis”


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-About us-

Lonelyfingers is an online platform created in 2012 by visual artists Diango Hernández and Anne Pöhlmann. Lonelyfingers interest focuses on the objects and documents that accompany and inspire artists while developing an artwork. All the objects presented within lonelyfingers are called Finds* and we see them as stories rather than as objects. Lonelyfingers will give us access to enigmatic Finds that have inspired contemporary artists to create their artworks. For us the story that lies behind each artwork has a remarkable value, amplifying these unknown stories is what we love to do.